Improving Cambodia’s Society through Skillful Parenting (ICS-SP) is a national non-profit organization, officially registered with Cambodian Ministry of Interior in July 2015. ICS-SP aims to improve family lives that have a significant impact on the well-being of children and women. A goal we aim to achieve by working with parents and caregivers, by strengthening families and communities, and by strengthening and influencing the government, civil society and private sector towards better policies and practice to fulfill the protection of children. At the core of ICS-SP approach is Skillful Parenting program to reduce and prevent violence against children and to promote age appropriate parenting.


The ICS program team will continue under the umbrella of ICS-SP to promote Skillful Parenting in Cambodia building on the expertise and  reputation it has gained for training and implementation of Skillful Parenting.

Ros Pheak

Program Manager

From My ambitious is children will be a doctor for treat a social sick or Social problem.  To reach it, there 2 things existed in my heart and mind. Those have to become together as one: Children & Parents. The parents are a place where forms the basic protective unit for the children. Parents play a very important key role in fulfilling the need of children as the physical, social and mental development.   

Meach Vannak

Finance & Admin Officer


Skillful Parenting Facilitator

Chea Samnang

Senior Advisor

I would like to learn, reflect and improve my own parenting. I believe that children would feel safe to live where born and grow. Especially, they really need to have safe environment to live for first few years of their lives. This period do have an impact on their future development. If children feel safe to grow, they would learn better and continue building peaceful environment for society!

Bou Makara

Senior Skillful Parenting Facilitator

Chhay Vivodin

Executive Director

Our children were born for success. Therefore, we have to understand how children grow and develop at all stages. Provide warmth, understand their thinking and feeling are very important for changing their life to be a productive citizen. Skillful Parenting provides you a lot of options for bringing up children, and you will see and select the best options you prefer.  

Huot Malen

Office Cleaner


Promote Skillful Parenting in Cambodia to equip parents and caregivers with knowledge, skills and confidence to foster a safe, non-violent and positive family environment and to prevent and reduce violence against women and children.